Chameleon Brick Testimonials  
  Testimonial for Chameleon Brick Colour Match

Author: Andy Peart

Date: 5th September 2013

We live in a dethatched house in Burnham, and decided we needed extra room on 2 levels. So in 2012 we applied for planning
permission for a double story extension. The building work started in April 2012 but the builder was having trouble identifying a
suitable match for the bricks.

He arranged for an expert matcher to visit to see how close he could match the existing brickwork, and from the samples we
picked the closest (which didn’t look too bad). So the bricks were ordered and the building work started, when the bricks were
being laid we noticed that the match was not as good as we first thought – but the builder said it was because of the mortar
and it needed to settle for a while.

We waited but the colour did not change – so we were left with quite frankly an eye sore!! Luckily a few weeks prior to this I was
watching a TV programme and saw someone painting the bricks to match the existing build, when it was complete you would
struggle to see where the old finished and where the new started.

I searched on the internet and found Chameleon which is run by Andrew Gardiner, so Andy came to the house and explained
what could be done and a time scale of when the work could be started and completed.

We agreed a price (after a bit of haggling – but that’s just me looking for the best price) so we decided to have the front of the
house done (see pictures below).

After a few months we called Andy back to give us a quote for doing the rear extension too – and again agreed the price and had
the work done. (see pictures below).

I would highly recommend Andrew and his team at Chameleon as they have now turned our extension from an eyesore into
something that you would never think had been extened!!