What is brick tinting?  
  Brick tinting is the process of physically changing the colour of brickwork
to match surrounding areas by applying a tinting solution to each individual
brick or mortar joint.

Brick tinting solutions are water-based pigments that are non-toxic,
non-flammable and odourless. Unlike paint which coats the surface, brick
tints are absorbed and chemically bonded into the masonry surface. This
preserves the original texture and character of the brick, resulting in a
natural looking change of colour that’s permanent and doesn’t require any
ongoing maintenance.

The brick tinting process

Because no two tinting situations are the same, a specific shade of brick tint
has to be developed for each project.

By mixing the appropriate colours and controlling the concentration of the
solution, Chameleon can produce the colour required to correct almost any
brick or mortar colour issue. Not only can we tone down colours, in certain
situations we can actually lighten the original colour.

Once the colour has been established the tint has to be carefully applied by
brush to each individual brick or joint.

We are always happy to visit site, assess the situation and discuss your
tinting options with you. We will even produce a sample and apply it to an
inconspicuous area for your approval before we start work.

Other applications

As well as blending in extensions, brick tinting can be used to correct the
appearance of ‘brick banding’ that occurs after variation in colour of bricks
from different batches or blending in patchy brickwork following remedial

Brick tinting is not only useful for correcting the appearance of brickwork,
it can be used to enhance architectural features such as brick arches,
plinth courses and quoin details.