Brick matching problem? - Brick tinting solutions!  
  A successful extension will add not only space but value to a property, and a
sympathetic match to the main structure is an important aspect in achieving this.

However, finding the right bricks for an extension can be difficult. Often the
original bricks are no longer manufactured, so you search for the nearest match.
Even if the original bricks are available, years of weathering on the existing
building will have changed their original colour. Either way you could be left with
an extension that doesn’t quite blend in.

In these situations Chameleon provide a brick tinting service which will correct
the offending brickwork to a colour that matches, giving back that all important
‘kerb appeal’

  The perfect solution

So if you are a home owner, architect, property developer or contractor left with
unacceptable brickwork, consider your options:

• Pull the brickwork down and rebuild (seriously costly in both time and money).
• Accept the situation and hope it eventually ‘weathers in’
• Call in Chameleon and Tint It!

Brick matching problems? – Brick tinting solutions!